Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions of Service:


  1.    Reservations, Payments, Cancellation Policy and Terms:

1.1   The guest house operates on a self and semi self-catering basis and except for Commercial DSTV we exclude the following services at this stage:

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, bar/alcohol, parties, functions, events, transport, tours, baby sitting, conferences, and laundry.

1.2   All rates as advertised are inclusive of 15% V.A.T. Rates are per room. The number of people per room is stated on the apartment. An additional child (under 18 years is permitted).

1.3   Bookings can only be confirmed if the following items are received:

* Guest name, surname, contact telephone number

* Number of persons sharing a room

* a 50% deposit of the total amount of the accommodation value

* Confirmation of payment and expected time of arrival

1.4   With confirmation of a specific reservation the guest house will send a confirmation letter to the guest or person responsible for making the booking by e-mail on request. The confirmation will reflect name of the guest, the name of the apartment, the total cost involved, arrival and departure dates. Upon receipt of the reservation confirmation the guest retains final responsibility to ensure that all applicable reservation details are correct.

1.5   The full cost of accommodation is payable in advance (one week before arrival) unless otherwise agreed.

1.6   Cancellation Policy:


1.6.1       0 – 7 days prior to arrival = 100 % of amount is due

1.6.2 7 – 14 days prior to arrival = 75 % of amount is due

1.6.3 14 – 21 days prior to arrival = 50 % of amount is due

1.6.4 21+ days prior to arrival = 30 % of amount is due100% Refund if cancellation occurs 14 Days prior the arrival date or longer.


1.7    Discounted rates will be revised should the duration of stay be decreased or interrupted.

1.8    Long term rates (10% discount) are subject to bookings of 21 consecutive nights or more. Confirmed long term bookings that are decreased to less than 21 nights will be revised to the standard short term rate.

1.9    The guest retains personal liability for the bill until the employer; agent or person that made the reservation on his or her behalf has settled the account.

1.10 Method of payment: Cash, credit card, electronic transfers and direct bank deposits are accepted.

1.11 Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Quotations are valid for 3 days only unless otherwise specified.

1.13 Interest rate of 0.08% per day (2.4% per month) will be charged on overdue accounts longer than 30 days after date of invoice.


  1.    Arrival and Departure:

Check in time is from 15h00 – 21h00 unless prior arrangements have been made. No check in will be made after 21h00. This is to ensure the security, comfort and well-being of other guests.

Check out time is 11h00 unless prior arrangements have been made. This is to ensure that the room is prepared in time for new arrivals.

2.1   Guests that check out after 11h00 without prior arrangement will be liable for an extra night’s accommodation as we will have insufficient time to prepare the room for new arrivals.

  1.    Parking and access:

3.1   Parking is available on the premises off street Parking is limited to one vehicle per room. Parking is reserved for paid up guests only.

3.3   Room Keys on Arrival: During normal working hours the keys will be handed over to the guest after payment and administration.

3.4   Room Keys on Departure:   Please handover keys to the manager on departure unless another arrangement has been made.

3.6   Lost Keys: The cost for replacement of lost room keys is applicable and the amount of R1500 to replace it will be added to the guest’s account/bill.

3.7   Visitors:   No visitors are allowed on the premises unless by arrangement with owner/ monger.

3.8   Deliveries – (Food) after hours: the guest must go outside the premises to collect.


  1.    Service hours:

4.1   No permanent reception desk is available on the premises. From Mondays to Fridays our day staff are available from 09h00 – 16h00.  On Saturdays and Sundays on request.

4.2   Our all hour contact telephone numbers is: 0796229455 or 0215551820.

4.3   In case of an emergency contact the guest house management on the above mentioned numbers.

4.4   Subject to the availability of our rooms, persons whom are interested in booking a room and wish to view the guest house beforehand may do so only by prior arrangements.


  1.    Smoking: 

5.1   This is a NON-SMOKING Guest House. Indoor smoking is strictly prohibited in ALL rooms and enclosed public areas as set out in the NEW TOBACCO LAW Act No. 12, 1999.

5.2   When a smoking odour is suspected and found in the room or bedding a R500 fine will be added to the specific guest’s account. These funds will be used to remove such odours chemically.

5.3   Each room has a smoking area on the patio in front of the entrance. Please use the ashtrays provided.


  1.    Security and Storage:

6.1   Although the guest house management takes responsible steps to ensure the safety and security of all guests and their possessions, guests however retain final responsibility for their own safety and security.

6.2   Keep rooms, vehicles and trailers locked at all times when absent.

6.3 Make use of safe in your room.


  1.    Food & Beverages:

7.1   Coffee, tea, sugar and milk is provided by the guest house and available in each room. No meals, other beverages or alcohol are served on the premises as to date. However management will assist guests with information on the contact details of various surrounding restaurants, take a way’s, liquor stores, food deliveries and local pubs in the area.


  1.    Housekeeping Service:

8.1   All rooms are serviced from 09h00 – 15h00 during week days. On Saturdays on request.

8.2   There will be no housekeeping services available on Sundays and official public holidays unless by prior arrangement.

8.3   There is a sign which you can hang on the entrance door to the apartment – you can choose either option: If you need the apartment to be cleaned or just need clean towles. Please make use of this; otherwise we would not know if service is required.

  1.     Laundry Services:

9.1    The use of the washing machine is available to guests at an additional charge. Please enquire at the office for the cost. Washing lines are at the back of the house and available on a first come, first serve basis. Guests to use own detergent.


  1.   Facilities and entertainment:

10.1 Guests may not entertain any visitors on the property unless by prior arrangement.

10.2 Rooms are equipped with its own Smart television sets and remote controls respectively.

10.3 Guests are welcome to braai (Barbeque) by using the facility provided on the property.

10.4 Guests are welcome to enjoy the swimming pool available on the premises providing that it will be on their own risk. Guests must familiarize themselves with the swimming pool rules provided on a signboard next to the swimming pool. Children must be supervised at all times.

10.5 Information of various entertainment facilities in and around are to be found inside our information brochure.


  1.   Swimming Pool:

11.1 Guests may use the pool on their own risk.

11.2 No children are allowed near the pool without adult supervision.

11.3 Keep pool area neat and clean at all times.

11.4 Keep noise level at pool area very low as other guest rooms are situated directly next to the pool.

11.5 Please not rinse your wetsuit in the pool.

11.6 No swimming is allowed from 9pm till 7am.

11.7 No glasses or glass bottles are allowed inside the pool.

  1.  No music, shouting, screaming or ball kicking is allowed.

11.9 Use proper swim suits or swimming outfits. No swimming with underwear will be allowed.

11.10 Swimming towels are provided by the guesthouse.


  1.   Braai / Barbeque on premises:

12.1 Make use of the braai units available on the premises. No open fires are allowed on the paving, lawn or anywhere accept inside the braai/barbeque units provided by the guest house.

12.2 Guests must ensure to extinguish braai/barbeque fires on completion of the event.

12.3 Do not throw hot ash into the plastic refuge bins on the property.


  1.   Noise:

13.1 Invite Guest House is situated in a very quiet neighbourhood.

13.2 The guest house is also surrounded with private house owned next door neighbours.

13.3 The following will not be allowed:   Any kind of Music, Screaming, Yelling, Loud Television sets, kicking ball, revving of motor vehicles.

13.4 Keep the silence at all times and let us respect our next door neighbours and other guests on the property.


  1.   Loss or damage to Guest House Property:

14.1 The guest retains personal liability for any loss or damages caused to the property of Invite Guest House. Normal wear and tear is excluded.

14.2 Please report any accidents or incidents to the guest house management in connection with any property damage.


  1.   General Incapacity:

15.1 The guest house cannot be held liable if any of the following events or conditions prevents the guest house from fulfilling its obligation to guests.

* Unanticipated interruption to electricity, water, sewage to and from the guest house property.

* Industrial actions, civil uprising or criminal activity.

* Fire, frost, flooding, wind or any other force majeure event.

However, the guest house will take all necessary steps to minimize disruption and discomfort to guests under these conditions.



  1.   Emergency gathering point & area:

16.1  In case of a fire braking out in the guest house or any other danger taking place in the building all guests must gather and report to the main entrance gate on the property. Management will meet the guests at this point to discuss further emergency drills.

  1.   Towels for Bathroom & Swimming:

17.1 Towels for bathroom and swimming will be provided to the guests. Please use each one for the respective purpose.


Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any additional information or experience anything that does not meet your expectations.