da Heim Sunset Beach Wellen und Surfer

Sunset Beach – Perfect Conditions for Surfers

The wind conditions between October and March are excellent. The southeaster blows from the South / Southeast and is thus perfectly side-shore to side-off shore. The long and clean breaking wave which comes up between 1m and 4m breaks parallel to the beach in long distances. This makes it perfect for jumping and down-the-line surfing.

Wave Surfing

Da Heim was built by a surfer for surfers as the wind probability is best at Sunset Beach. The wind always starts here, mostly around noon or in the early afternoon and picks up strongly in the evening. When the wind gets stronger than 7bft, it is best to drive north to Big Bay, Hakgat, Melkboss or Yzerfontein. There, the wind is weaker yet the waves can reach impressive heights. On good days the waves are mast-high or even bigger.

Windsurfing in Calm Waters

Freestylers and flat-water windsurfers can windsurf on the lake in Table View close to the guest house. Advanced learners can practice the gybe, the waterstart or the tack between the top professional freestyle windsurfers. Kite Surfing, however, is not allowed on the lake.


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